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Mexico Vacation Homes – Viva Cascadas

Mexico, bordered in the south by Guatemala and Belize and in the north by the United States of America, covers several thousand square miles and is divided into 31 states and the federal districts. The Sea of Cortes, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico surround it.Check mexico beach vacation rentals florida 

Mexico is rich in, history, traditions art and religion and offers a complete tourist infrastructure. Mexico is a diverse country that hosts one of the archaic cultures of the Olmecan tribe, around 1500 years BC.

Mexico is famous for its nice and warm people, art and archeology, unique food pyramids, museums, Haciendas, vast seashores, architecture and cities. The varied climate zones range from Snow Mountains in the Sierras to rainy jungles in the Southeast and desert in the Northwest.

Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos and Patzcuaro, are the most commonly visited cities in Mexico that provide luxurious lifestyle and bonding with nature. According to WTO, Mexico is the 8th major destination for foreigner visitors.
Chichen Itza, Uxmal, EkBalam all bears rich history and heritage of the majesctic Maya civilization. San Miguel de Allende is another historic vacation destination that attracts tourists.
Landscape, Climate, People & Food

The Mexican landscape is a combination of desert zone, semiarid zone, temperate forests and tropical rainforests. High rugged mountains, high plateaus and tableland, low coastal plains are all found in the same country.

Mexico is monolingual, Spanish being the main language. However, this Spanish is different from the Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain. Mayan or Nahuatl, the native languages are still widely spoken in some regions.

Spicy food and Tequila shots are the attractions of Mexican cities. Enchiladas, Tacos, Tamales, Chicharron, tostadas, Pozole spices up every tongue that has a taste for new cuisines. “Platillo Tipico” is a local specialty not found everywhere is a variation, of a recipe.

“Michelada” is beer cocktail served in almost all the pubs of the country. Its usually beer mixed with lime juice. There are other variations called “cubana” that includes Clamato cocktail, soybean sauce, salt and a little bit of hot sauce.

The Culture
Mexicans are religious catholic people with somewhat relaxed sense of time. Respect Mexico’s laws. Mexican culture is often accepting of hitchhiking and it is a common practice among Mexican young adults. Being the land of festivity and celebration Mexico celebrates: the Fiesta of san Sebastian, The fair of the 3 Kings, New year, Blessings of the Sea, Palm Sunday, Flower Fair, Fiesta of St. Mark the Evangelist, Fiesta of St. Isador the Farmer, National Ceramics Fair, Guelaguetza, The Day of the Virgin of Charity and Assumption Day, Celebration of San Miguel Arcángel, Annual Fiesta del Tequila, the Yucatan Bird Festival, Night of the Radishes and many other festivals to invigorate the local spirits.
Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are mostly situated in places that overlooks the sparkling blue ocean and white sand beach. There are Mediterranean villas, condominiums, residential homes, beach houses, and other types of residential properties available for vacation rentals.

Most location offers spectacular views of the sea, rocky tide pools, sometimes surrounding Desert Mountains, family owned jungle and palm tree estates facing the Caribbean’s. The heated pool, with swim-up seats dolphin fountains, are the luxuries and comfortable amenities provided to enjoy the surrounding nature.

All furnished insides with exclusive architecture, large living rooms, fully equipped bars, spacious rooms, studios, kitchen, private palapas, relaxing in the Jacuzzi cooling off in the pool and bird watching sipping margaritas are all the value additions to these vacation rentals.